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Does your company qualify for a free super automatic espresso machine? Like having Starbucks inside your office! Push button super automatic espresso machine! Fresh roasted coffee for your office! Specialty coffee made fresh like Starbucks! Hot chocolate, chai teas, gourmet coffees for your office! Single service coffee pods! Green coffee supply business for your office! Best office coffee customer service!

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Los Angeles and Orange County's most trusted office coffee service company, delivering to businesses large and small for over twenty years. We provide everything for your office coffee—super-automatic espresso machines, fresh roasted coffee beans, water coolers, plus breakroom and office supplies of all kinds—higher quality, better prices!

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Which is better for your office?

Coffee pod machines OR super-automatic espresso machines? Which would you recommend? How to choose the best espresso or pod machine!
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Here's our comparison...Throw-away pods VERSUS fresh grind, bean-to-cup:

  • Quality - There's just no comparison. The super-automatic espresso machine delivers FRESH ground coffee specific to the quality of our freshly roasted beans. This freshness offers the most flavorful option for a more enjoyable, rich cup of coffee or espresso - the taste profile is amazing, easily comparable to any fancy coffee house, like Starbucks®. The pod options have been ground and packaged as much as a year previous. You can immediately smell and taste the difference.
  • Versatility - Each pod can only deliver the single flavor that is contained inside. Then you have to add cream, sugar, and other enhancements to customize the cup to your liking. Our automatic espresso machines offer a wide variety of flavors at the mere push of a button, delivering such options as Café Latte, Café Americano, Cappuccino, Espresso, Chai Tea, French Vanilla Cappuccino, Chai Latte, Hot Chocolate Latte, French Vanilla Mocha, Café Mocha, French Vanilla Chai, all from ONE MACHINE.
  • Cleanliness - With our super-automatic espresso machine, coffee and flavorings are stored inside the machine, so there's no chance of spilling the sweetener, creamer, etc. Espresso-Etc! super automatics clean themselves with a push of a button, and a simple one trip to empty the bean dump at the end of the day (rather than throwing away pods all day long). These machines can be plumbed directly into your water supply so there is no refilling of the tanks; no need for a separate water container.
  • Environment - Every one of those coffee pods ends up in a landfill somewhere, whereas our products are considered very green, environmentally friendly.
  • Price - Our gourmet bean-to-cup coffee beverages typically cost 50% less than pods, not even adding in the cost of cream, sugar and such. Plus, some pods may leave the premises inside someone's pocket, which we assume doesn't happen in your office but is still a consideration. The quality of the various gourmet-flavored beverages that our coffee machines produce are comparable to those you might find at Starbucks® and other fine coffee houses, at a mere fraction of the cost. Your employees don't have to drive anywhere to get them, but stay working in your office!

Espresso Etc! Office Coffee Service offers a wide array of office supply services that includes specialty coffee, push-button gourmet coffee bar, and nearly all conceivable office supplies. Contact us to learn about our programs, how we can simply your office coffee and supply challenges—including of course all the money you'll save! Let us help you select the best, hassle-free, NO-CONTRACT plan to fulfill your requirements for the BEST office coffee services and supplies.


Espresso Etc! Office Coffee Service has been providing the highest quality super-automatic espresso machines since 1994, combining our own superb manufacturing with excellent technical support and 24/7 customer service. We'll install your equipment, deliver your monthly supplies and maintain your coffee equipment each month. This will be one area of office management you won't have to think about.
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Espresso Etc! provides office coffee delivery and service to Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino, Riverside, and the surrounding areas in Southern California. In addition, we have distributors throughout most of the United States. We welcome your inquiries!

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