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Reducing Stress, Adding Comfort!
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It's like handing out hugs!

Espresso Etc! offers an extra-special cup of sumptuous gourmet coffee to brighten everyone's day with its Aroma specialty coffee and gourmet beverage bar!

When it comes to specialtycare, one primary goal is to create a soothing and friendly place for patients, one that eases the discomfort and tension often associated with hospitals and doctor's offices. The ideal atmosphere allows people to feel more relaxed by offering a sense of kindness, continuity and caring. Let us help you make this easier and cost-effective!
The Aroma units are found in many hospitals and other specialty and welfare support facilities where they help to create a cozy comforting environment. And it's not just the patients that benefit; the addition of warm soothing beverages also goes a long way toward easing the minds of the people who work there as well:
  Kaiser Permanente utilizes the Aroma specialty coffee machine in their cafeteria, where it is a welcome and popular choice.

Saint John's specialty Center has placed two of the Aroma specialty coffee units in their doctor's lounge. Everyone loves the variety and convenience!
  Hospital Break Room Single Cup Coffee Makers  
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Patients, staff and visitors alike can now enjoy the finest variety of specialty coffee and gourmet beverages available, 24 hours a day - and in the most cost-efficient manner possible! Be sure to read about our leasing programs. Often, in spite of tight-budget restraints, many facilities can take advantage of our of lease arrangement. We will construct a plan specifically for you to make the Aroma specialty coffee machine an affordable option for your facility.

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Espresso Etc! Office Coffee Service
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Los Angeles, California 90039

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Espresso Etc! provides office coffee delivery and service to Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino, Riverside, and the surrounding areas in Southern California. In addition, we have distributors throughout most of the United States. Contact us today for your customized office coffee service plan!

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